The iStar123 Story: Making Websites for Small Businesses More Affordable

At first iStar didn't offer a solution for people needing affordable websites for small businesses

Since 2006 iStar Web Solutions, Inc. has been actively designing and developing websites for a wide range of client. The company's services include web design, development, website makeovers, hosting and domain registration. Additionally, the company also provide maintenance of business and personal websites.

Success grew upon success and the company found itself building bigger and better websites and web-based apps for an expanding clientele.

Then we realized that we are leaving behind people with modests budgets especially small businesses who need their websites to be affordable

With every successful site launch, the company realized it is leaving behind clients from companies with modest budgets or people with no need for big complicated sites. We have noticed groups of people especially online college entrepreneurs and start-up youth website developers.

That wasn't great for them, because most low budget web solutions out there are pretty ordinary. Our special group of clients are left lost without other option.

After studying the situation we created a solution that will small businesses happy. We created two ways to create affordable websites!

We began to study the situation and created a solution that makes websites for small businesses more affordable. The result was iStar123, our affordable offering for Do-It-Yourself websites and Custom Website Design service. We understand what small businesses want on their websites, it should look good, load fast, search ending compatible, has lots of other features and it should be affordable!

iStar123 offers professional results at an affordable price. Do-it-yourself convenience and comprehensive support as you build websites for small businesses.

Our Custom Design team put website professionals at your disposal. Just tell them your dream and in no time at all, you have your website created for you or your small businesses.