Frequently asked questions about our affordable website builder and custom websites

This FAQ is designed to be helpful in raising awareness about the use of our products and services and other important company information. It is not a substitute for the support service that our company provides. It may not cover some issues that you are encountering.

1. What services does iStar123 offer?

iStar123 provides affordable custom website service and also Do-it-yourself "DIY" affordable website builder

2. What is Do-it-yourself "DIY" Affordable Website builder?

Do-it-yourself "DIY" Affordable website builder features a 3 step process where individuals or small businesses could build their own site through an easy to use and affordable website builder

3. What is Affordable Custom Websites?

Affordable Custom Websites was made available for people who doesn't want to to use our affordable website builder, it features a 3 step process where users could acquire the service of our Expert Website Designers to create their website for them.

4. What is iStar123?

iStar123 is a website design company whose main clients are people or small businesses in need of a quality website but with modest budget. With Do-It-Yourself Websites affordable website builder and Affordable Custom Website Design service, iStar123 delivers and professional results at an affordable price.

5. I only need web hosting? do you offer that service?

Absolutely, our economy web hosting plan starts for as low as $3.99/mo and one month minimum purchase length for our deluxe and ultimate plans.

6. I only need to register a domain, do you offer that service?

Absolutely, .COMs from just $9.99*/yr! All of our domains are loaded with FREE STUFF!

7. I have a bigger website with custom programming, flash animation, etc. Can you accomodate that?

If you want to build a bigger more customized website with custom web-applications, and if our affordable website builder and affordable custom webites could not accomodate your needs. We highly recommend the services of iStar Web Solutins Inc.

8. What is iStar Web Solutions Inc. ?

iStar Web Solutions Inc. is the parent company of iStar123. The company's offerings include customized solutions for companies and organizations in need custom programming on their websites.

9. What is the difference between iStar123 and iStar Web Solutions?

iStar123's services was designed to provide affordable services to companies and individuals with modest budget. On the other hand, iStar Web Solutions caters to more customized systems and websites.